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Machine Vision

As a Manfacturer, you are striving to:

  1. Reduce defect being produced; to keep the production cost low.
  2. Ensure products’ 3F (Form, Fit & Function) are of best quality before deliver to customers.

Thus, early detection of defect is crucial to allow you to carry out corrective action immediately.

Machine Vision
Machine Vision encompasses a combination of hardware and software with application of image-processing algorithms and approaches to execute operational functions resembling human vision.

In contrast to human vision, machine vision offers greater speed, accuracy and repeatability. With the right camera resolution and optics, a machine vision can easily inspect object details too small to be seen by human eye.

Machine Vision solutions help you to optimize your production for the following key-applications:

  • Identification
  • Inspection
  • Guidance
  • Gauging


  • Provides¬†higher¬†quality¬†inspection¬†with¬†great¬†repeatability
  • Improve¬†productivity¬†with¬†high¬†efficiency
  • High¬†flexibility:¬†Minimal¬†downtime¬†for¬†production¬†change
  • Provide¬†computed¬†data¬†feedback¬†for¬†recording¬†and¬†tracing
  • Can¬†be¬†integrated¬†to¬†robots/machines¬†OR¬†use¬†as¬†standalone¬†unit
  • Require¬†small¬†mount¬†space

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