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Quality Inspection System for Printing / Labelling

Industry: Packaging
Brands: Cognex
Case Number: TH-0010 (PC-3) 
Solution: Vision Inspection

Problem Statement

In packaging industry, the printing quality is one of the most important criteria. Before developed vision system to serve the industry, eyes visual inspection was used. This resulted in lots of problems due to the physical and mental fatigue experienced by workers leading to unstable checking result. There were cases where the shampoo plastic bottle was rejected and increased in production cost. The workers also take a longer time of 30s in the quality checking process.


We provided COGNEX Vision Solution to inspect the quality of the printing. Every single Japanese character are checked by the vision system. Our vision system could reject even the single dot is missing or incomplete. The inspection time has reduced from 30 seconds to 0.6 second. 

Customer’s Feedback

After install our system, now the quality issue and customer’s reject are solved. The customer is satisfied with our vision system.

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