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Track and Trace System for Compressor Assembly Line

Industry: Electronics
Brands: Panasonic, Cognex and Mitsubishi
Case Number: TH-0013 (PM-7) 
Solution: Track & Trace

Problem Statement

The customer need to do the Track & Traceability to the compressor assembly line. They want to know when their customer claimed the defected-compressor that which production line has produced the defected-compressor and which machine is the root of problem then they can stop only one production line or only one machine rather than stop all the production lines.

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We propose Track & Traceability system to solve this problem. By using our MITSUBISHI’s Q series Panasonic’s Distance Laser Sensor and our COGNEX’s Barcode Reader. Before install the new tracking system we have to convert customer Mitsubishi’ Melsec A to Mitsubishi’s Melsec Q which it’s more reliable then install the new tracking system. Our system read all the information of compressor for instance rotator-height, coil’s flux value, magnetic value etc., and logging with Mitsubishi’s logging module that related with ID-Code of each compressor itself. So every produced-compressor from this improved-production line could be tracked and traced back.

Success Stories TH-0013_2

Customer’s Feedback

The result is good, customer is satisfied with our new tracking system. And they will expand the tracking system to others production lines.