Flexible Assembling System Pty Ltd


Precision Pick & Place Unit for Circuit Board Assembly

Industry: Automotive
Brands: Epson & Cognex
Case Number: CN-0016
Solution: Robotics and Vision Inspection

Problem Statement

Refer to the work flow, the project is splitted into following sub-projects:
1.Epoxy dispensing.
2.Air bubble check after dispensing.
3.Circuit board casing.
4.Label checking.
5.Temp cycle test after casing.
6.Mounting Assembly.


By using Epson Robot and Cognex Vision System. With precision pick and place by the Epson robot, plus accurate positioning and inspection of the Cognex vision system.

Result & Benefit

With the Epson robot, there is a reduction of the generation of bubbles and no leaking, resulting in uniform coating and speed is improved. Most importantly, the robot achieve efficiency and a higher inspection pass rate.

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