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Precision Grinding Unit for Diesel Engine Parts

Industry:Ā Automotive
Brands:Ā Epson
Case Number:Ā CN-0003
Solution:Ā Robotics and Vision InspectionĀ 

Problem Statement

Customer producing parts of diesel engine that including valve and cylinder, it is mainly made by aluminum die casting.

After the machining, the parts need to remove the shape angles and deburr, but it is too time consuming by labour and the performance is not stable. Even using common machines, some workmanship still cannot meet customerā€™s request.

Customer wants to develop an automatic grinding system to be used in their company for higher accuracy and higher productivity.


Success Stories CN-0003


Recommended Epson robot and Epson torque sensor with the guiding by the vision system, the robot can track the parts precisely. Match with the torque sensor, the grinding can keep constant and the accuracy can be achieved.

Customerā€™s Feedback

By using torque sensor and vision system, robots can track the parts precisely, and it can work with any parts of the customer. Customer is fully satisfied with the stable grinding and machining results.