Flexible Assembling System Pty Ltd



PoE Capability
●The WD PRO Receiver can access both power and data through a single Ethernet cable so that wiring space and costs can be minimized.

Mounting Bracket
●The main unit of the WD PRO Receiver clicks onto a surface-mounting bracket.
●This allows for easy attachment and detachment, as well as versatility in mounting angles.

Wireless Connection Diagnostics
●The WD PRO Receiver is capable of tracking the quality of wireless connection between the receiver and its connected transmitters.
●Up to 72 hours of diagnosis results can be collected, taken at 10-minute intervals.
●There are 5 levels of diagnosis results, allowing users to identify when it is necessary to modify the installation environment.
●This collected data can easily be viewed on your computer through the setup browser.

Andon Display
●Real-time light (and buzzer) statuses of all connected signal towers can be displayed onto your computer screen through the setup browser.
●This can be done simultaneously with the CSV data collection.

Collaboration Functions
●In addition to the simple SOCKET protocol, the WD PRO Receiver has collaboration functions using Modbus/TCP and SQL database.
●These protocols simplify communication and data collection between devices in your network.