Flexible Assembling System Pty Ltd



  • New model with a wider variety of solution tools for higher accuracy and user friendliness
  • Easy-to-operate High accuracy measurement
  • Smart Edge (Circle)/(Line)
  • A function for accurate approximation of circles/lines. This function detects a maximum of 3000 edge points for a line and 3600 for a circle in one area, dramatically improving the accuracy of the measurement of dimensions and positions
  • Character/Figure Drawing
    A function for drawing text (multi-lingual), measured values, cross marks, arrow marks (dimension lines), rectangles, and ellipses. This function allows drawn items to be displayed following the calculation results or detected positions, and it is possible to specify the character size and fi ll regions. It is also possible to switch the drawn item colors or turn on/off the display of the items according to the pass/fail check results so that users can get inspection results more easily
  • Line Width
    A function for measuring the width and linearity and detecting chipped parts of strip-shaped objects. Even if a middle part is cut, this function can measure the maximum and minimum values of the entire object excluding the cut part