Flexible Assembling System Pty Ltd

13th International Automation Technology Exhibition Automex 2022 which was held on 22nd June to 25th June 2022 at MITEC Kuala Lumpur is the Malaysian event for all automation professionals, a comprehensive showcase of automation technologies focused on specific industry and commercial applications. The exhibition covers all components ranging from complete systems to integrated automation solutions, as well as motion control technology and associated technologies. FAS was invited by MESM to setup a booth to introduce Energy Monitoring System with EcoWebServerIII and SCADA Solutions with ICONICS GENESIS64 SCADA System.

EcoWebServerIII is a simple, convenient & compact Energy Data Collecting Server for energy visualization and demand management. FAS has setup an Energy Monitoring System demo kit for Automex with EcoWebServerIII Controller, EcoMonitorPlus & Mitsubishi Digital Power Meter. Target value and specific consumption management features were showcased to potentials customers. By understanding specific energy consumption and target consumption, waste in energy and production processes can be clarified and it becomes easier to implement countermeasures rather than simply reducing energy usage. Main objectiv of the demo is to understand the important to use energy efficiently when, where and how much needed. Visualization of energy dashboard was performed with web browsers on-site using the built-in HTTP server function. The collected data is transmitted via Ethernet across the intranet so that anyone within the network can check and grasp the energy usage in real-time. Desktop PC and mobile web browsers were used on-site to showcase the functionality to access energy dashboard for multiple devices on-site.

GENESIS64 SCADA is an advanced HMI SCADA solution suite designed for Microsoft operating systems. It delivers unparalleled performance with OPC, BACnet, Modbus, and open standard database connectivity. FAS has created a demo with GENESIS64 SCADA on some key features that help to integrate real-time manufacturing data, energy and business information into a secure and unified web-enabled visualization dashboard. Production Performance & Energy related data was developed into the SCADA dashboard with GraphWorX which was then published to local IIS Server for Browser-based visualization. AlarmWorX feature was shown in the booth for real-time and historical alarms for abnormal conditions. Lastly, FAS has promoted GENESIS64 SCADA which can be hosted on Microsoft Azure platform by creating a virtual machine using ICONICS offering in Azure Marketplace. As the market trend evolves, ICONICS has launched support for cloud-native SCADA solutions.