Flexible Assembling System Pty Ltd


EZS Series With αSTEP AZ Series

The Motorized Linear Slides are positioning Linear Slides that adopt AZ Series motors, composed of frames; guide rails; guide blocks; and ball screws. These motorized linear slides are capable of accurate and precise straight-line motion due to the rotation of ball screws and guides.

Simple dustproof structure
A low dust roller structure is equipped on the table, preventing abrasion powder from occurring since the roller comes in contact with the stainless sheet. It not only suppresses dust, but improves the stainless sheet rigidity.

Clean room compatible
Achieved a cleanliness level of ISO standard class 3✽ (FED standard class 1 equivalent) with the low dust clean grease in addition to the low dust roller structure.

Compatible Network Types
The motor part adopts the αSTEP AZ series equipped with ABZO encoders that do not require batteries making it compatible with major FA networks used all over world, and contributes to centralized management of device information and reduced wiring. Compatible Networks includes EtherCat, EtherNet/IP, Profinet, Mechatrolink-III, SSCNETII/H, ModBus (RTU)